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Baby & Me: Pregnancy Program

Includes 3 x 60 minute sessions

2 monthly payments of AUD $140.00
- OR - Single payment of AUD $280.00


WSW Mind-Body Pregnancy Plan is your guide map to a fit and healthy pregnancy. It's an interactive, three step program culminating in a customised plan for you to use at home. This personalised prescription of prenatal yoga, pelvic floor conditioning and pregnancy safe programming is grounded in Brieann's personal experience. Not only as a mother but also as a certified yoga, pilates and fitness instructor with pre and post natal trainings.

“Training with Brieann through my pregnancy was the best thing I ever did. I dialed in some days feeling exhausted and queasy and by the end of the hour felt amazing! I swear the sessions were a morning sickness cure for me… With Brieann’s support I managed to maintain my fitness, I stayed active right up to due date... two months post partum I had lost the baby weight.”
(Gem Makenzie, Sydney)


  • In this three step process you will receive rich consultation, 1:1 support and advice from Brieann
  • Your kit includes a Personalised At-Home Workout Guide, accompanying Workout Videos and printable PDF Workout Guide/s (tailored to suit each trimester)
  • Over the course of three sessions, you will deepen your intuition and enter a new conversation with your body and your baby. Learn what exercises to do, which to avoid and effective modifications for each trimester.
  • To save you trawling book shelves, baby blogs and health food stores you are given nutritional cheatsheets, supplement recommendations and delicious recipes to keep you and baby health full and energised.
  • In session and via printable PDF's you will be guided through techniques for trigger point release. This will save you money, time and multiple trips to the massage parlour. You can also expect better quality sleep and an overall sense of wellbeing.
  • You will be given off-the-mat enhancements in the form of meditations, mindfulness practice and other self-renewing rituals. Discover ways to access inner resources and tools that will prove invaluable for you during delivery

By the end of the program you will know exactly how to maintain optimal health, energy and fitness during your pregnancy. You'll also have all the knowledge, know-how and inspiration to ease back into a post partum body you love.

STEP I: DISCOVERY SESSION (1 x 60min session)

Upon booking, you’ll receive an email link to a questionnaire. This is followed up by a 45 minute online consultation. Here we dive into your specific needs and aspirations for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Pregnancy and motherhood is an opportunity to streamline your life. Together we'll get really clear on what you want - your goals, aspirations and priorities. This is a time to act quickly and decisively, tuning in to how you feel, and how you want to feel. It's also a time to address any “post baby body” anxieties and crystallize your wellness vision for the next 12 months. You'll be grateful you did this work before your new addition arrives earth side. By the end of this session you’ll feel inspired, motivated and ready to get started.

STEP II: INTRODUCING YOUR PLAN (1 x 60 min session)

(Workouts + Mindfulness Practices + Nutritional Advice)

We’ll work shoulder-to-shoulder for 60 minutes (online) getting to know your Mind-Body Pregnancy Plan inside out. We’ll go over your workouts together, step-by-step. Each exercise is explained in detail and demonstrated so you’re familiar with modifications, technique considerations and benefits. We also cover the mental fitness component. Specific practices and meditations designed to condition your mind and give you valuable (inner) resources for delivery. You’ll leave this session feeling clear, confident and well equipped for self-guided sessions.


Time to take what you've learned and put it into practice. This week you'll be following your Mind-Body Pregnancy Program on your own. Building your routine, strengthening those self-motivation muscles and enjoying a week of action and implementation.

STEP IV. CHECK IN + WORKOUT (1 x 60 min session)

In this session, we see how you’re travelling and answer any questions before being guided through your workout from start to finish. No interruptions. First, you'll experience the utterly day-changing power of intention setting, pre-natal yoga poses and mindful movement. Then we'll pick up the pace with a series of strength building exercises, modified to suit your body and the trimester your in. Note: These exercises are rigorous enough to raise your heart rate without risk to your bub. Finally indulge in a guided meditation that incorporates sound healing as well as hypnobirthing techniques. Walk away feeling energised and wholly renewed.

Note: Wabi-Sabi Well workouts honour your natural energy cycles. Slow and easy-does-it (with a yogic focus) so you can soothe morning sickness and glide gently into your day? Perfect.  Dynamic movement to unlock the kind of boundless energy and high-flying vibes of second trimester? Absolutely. Fired up pelvic floor connection? Soft and subtle? Fierce and focused? Yes, yes, yes. Your body. Your intentions. Your desires. The two of us, shoulder-to-shoulder


It goes without saying that the right kind of encouragement and support makes all the difference. Sometimes you need a little reassurance, a gentle reminder, an emergency tool or just a receptive ear. By the same token, celebrating your successes, sharing insights and acknowledging big (and little) epiphanies will be the wind beneath your wings. And ultimately what make this journey oh-so-sweet. I’ll be by your side available to answer questions or wave cosmic pom-poms to cheer you on from the (email) sidelines.

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