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Discovery Session with workout sampler

Includes 1 x 60 minute session


Wabi-Sabi Well Taste Tester

Feeling a little... 'bleh'? Tired and bloated? Is your body (and mind) dyeing to shake off a few heavy layers? Perhaps you’re overstretched, overwhelmed and dancing along the razors edge of complete and utter burn out? Struggling with broken behaviors around diet and exercise or simply had enough of trainers banging on about boring reps and regimented gym programs?

If you’re craving easy-daffodil-days. Days of calm presence, effortless energy and productivity (laced with presence) come a little closer. If your ready to feel better, think better and look better (in that order) every single day, the Wabi-Sabi Well method of training is probably for you. In this Complimentary 60 Minute Consultation you'll discover why.

Coaching Call (30min)

This session can be summed up in three words - Crystal, Clear, Clarity. We widen the lens, taking in the “wholistic” big picture - looking at where you are now, where you want to be and narrowing in on WHY it really matters. Upon booking, you’ll receive an email link to an Energetic Anatomy Appraisal. This isn’t your typical pre-training questionnaire. We do cover the standard questions around your fitness goals. But we’ll also reach beyond the purely physical and dive into your energetic anatomy. We explore deficiencies and imbalances in your energetic systems, pinpointing the roadblocks (mental, physical and emotional), putting the necessary structures and tools in place and finding FUN and inspired solutions to quickly, elegantly and efficiently produce the results you desire.

Wabi-Sabi Well Workout Sampler (30min)

The remainder of the session is spent on the mat - actioning your intentions with a WSW Workout. First experience the ‘utterly day-changing’ power of yoga, mindful movement and intention setting. Pick up the pace with a series of metabolism-boosting activities (cardio, strength, core, toning etc) designed to shed, tone, tighten and improve all areas of fitness. Finally indulge in a guided meditation and wrap up with a sound shower. Walk away feeling ‘renewed’ and ready for the world.


The beauty of the Wabi-sabi way is that every session is tailored to suit whatever it is your body needs that day. Slow and easy-does-it so you can glide gently into your day? Perfect. Dynamic and fluid movement to unlock the kind of high-vibe energy you’ve been craving? Absolutely. Your body. Your intentions. Your desires. The two of us, shoulder-to-shoulder.

So my friend, book in, roll out your mat and get ready to explore new feel good frontiers!

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