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High Vibe Guide- Your Personalised DIY Workout Guide

Includes 2 x 60 minute sessions + 1 x 30 minute session

1 payment of AUD $197.00

1 x 30 minute session 1 x 60 minute sessions 1 x 90 minute session

Investment: 1 payment of AUD $197.00

Caught up in the carpool and extracurricular chaos of your kids? King or queen of cancelling appointments? Can’t commit to a weekly session but still want to connect to a source of motivation and accountability and be guided towards to transformation? This is for you.

The Wabi-Sabi Well High Vibe Guide is a customised workout guide for you to use at home…or wherever you happen to be. It’s a personalised prescription of yoga asanas, traditional fitness methods, meditations, visualisations and other bioenergetic techniques designed to restore imbalances and bring your physical (and energetic) systems back into alignment.


Upon booking, you’ll receive an email link to an Energetic Anatomy Appraisal. This isn’t your typical pre-training questionnaire. We cover the standard questions relating to your health and wellbeing vision and where you are on your wellness and fitness journey. But we’ll also reach beyond the purely physical and dive into your energetic anatomy, review your preferences and predilections, and examine what stresses you out and what makes your soul sing. This questionnaire allows Brieann to understand the “wholistic” big picture of where you are..and where you want to be.

During the initial 30 minute online consultation we’ll discuss where you are now, and where you want to be. We’ll tune in to how you feel, and how you want to feel. Armed with this potent information, I will design a personalised program that quickly, elegantly and efficiently produces the results you desire.


We’ll work shoulder-to-(cyber)shoulder for the 60 minutes, rolling out your customised High Vibe Guide. We’ll revisit your goals and go over your Guide together, step by step. Each exercise and movement is explained in detail and demonstrated so you’re familiar with the fundamentals and well versed on technique. Plus, plenty of time to answer any questions. You’ll leave this session comfortable and confident, armed with your Guide, ready to spark your own personal fitness revolution.


Time to take what you've learned and put it into practice. This week you'll be following your personalised Guide on your own. Building your routine, strengthening those “self-motivation muscles” and enjoying a week of action and implementation.

4. CHECK IN + ONLINE WORKOUT- 90 Minute Online Session

In this session, we’ll touch base to see how you’re travelling with your Guide and answer any questions that have come to the surface since we last met. After checking in, you’ll enjoy a complete Wabi-Sabi Well Workout. You’ll be guided through the elements of movement and meditation that will bring your intention for the day to life.

OH, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT….This offer is capped. There are only five spaces available each month. If you miss out, your name will go on a wait list and we’ll make sure you’re first in line the following month.

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