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Balanced, Focused + Fit 12 Week Program

Includes 13 x 60 minute sessions

3 monthly payments of AUD $449.00
- OR - Single payment of AUD $1247.00 (save AUD $100.00)


1 x 60min Coaching Call
Personalised Fitness Program
Off-The-Mat Enhancements + Thematic Take Away's
Email Support

Feeling a little... 'bleh'? A little... tired? A little... bloated? Your body-mind is dyeing to shake off a few layers of heavy energy? Perhaps you’re overstretched, overwhelmed and dancing along the razors edge of complete and utter burn out? Struggling with broken behaviors around diet and exercise or simply had enough of regimented gym programs?

If you’re craving easy-daffodil-days. Days of calm presence, effortless energy and productivity (laced with presence) come a little closer. If your ready to feel better, think better and look better (in that order) every single day, this 12 week program is the kickstart you’re looking for. The Balanced Focused + Fit 12 Week Program includes:


This session can be summed up in three words - Crystal, Clear, Clarity. We widen the lens, taking in the “wholistic” big picture - looking at where you are now, where you want to be and narrowing in on WHY it really matters. Upon booking, you’ll receive an email link to an Energetic Anatomy Appraisal. This isn’t your typical pre-training questionnaire. We do cover the standard questions. But we’ll also reach beyond the purely physical and dive into your energetic anatomy. We explore deficiencies and imbalances in your energetic systems, pinpointing the roadblocks (mental, physical and emotional), putting the necessary structures and tools in place and finding inspired solutions to quickly, elegantly and efficiently produce the results you desire.


(All-in-one: Workouts + Life Coaching + Meditation)

What can you expect from each session? The Wabi-Sabi Well method is, in it’s essence, intention driven exercise. At the beginning of each session, we will tune in to how you feel, and how you want to feel. From there, you’ll be guided to set an intention that supports your desired feeling. Your intention becomes the rudder of the ship, guiding the focus of each session. The workouts are intuitively designed, drawing from various modalities including traditional fitness, yoga, psychosomatic therapy, chakra balancing and other bioenergetic techniques. It's a very personalised and integrative approach. From the metabolism-boosting, muscle toning exercises, down to the most subtle gestures, expressions and meditations, every embodiment practice is carefully curated. They all conspire to bring your desired feeling-state to life. Unlike other fitness programs, WSW workouts honour your naturally energy cycles. Slow and easy-does-it (with a yogic focus) so you can glide gently into your day? Perfect. Dynamic and fluid movement to unlock the kind of boundless, high-vibe energy you’ve been craving? Absolutely. Fired up core connection? An open heart and peaceful mind? Fierce and flexible? Yes, yes, yes. Your body. Your intentions. Your desires. The two of us, shoulder-to-shoulder.

“Whether my intention for my day ahead was ‘Creative’, ‘Present’, ‘Free’ or ‘Supported’, Wabi-Sabi Well brought my hope for the day to life, via the visceral experience of exercise. After just one month, my body is plenty stronger, and I’m able to see the clear link between movement and creativity.” (Tara Bliss)


Your personalised program is designed to meet your needs and intentions. This weekly guide sets you up with daily workouts - keeping you motivated and on track between sessions.


This is an off-the-mat enhancement. A personalised chakra-balancing prescription and essentially, a life upgrade. We identify which energy centres are deficient, which are excessive and create an 'epic quest' of off-the-mat challenges. These are 'power-ups' you undertake outside of our sessions. Simply reporting back results and findings. Within the constraints of a 12 week program we attend to the most prominent area of urgency/imbalance.


It goes without saying, accountability is key. The right kind of support and encouragement makes all the difference. Obstacles, roadblocks, breakdowns - they are all a normal part of the process. Sometimes you need a little reassurance, a gentle reminder, an emergency tool. Never underestimate the power of an email intervention. By the same token, celebrating your successes, sharing insights and acknowledging those life-changing epiphanies will be the wind beneath your wings. And ultimately what make this journey oh-so-sweet.


Wabi-Sabi Well method is a fitness and wellness program with major flow on effects. So in addition to the physical benefits, you can expect to feel an ease, lightness and harmony in your life that you’ve never experienced before. You’ll feel more fit, flexible and strong. Your body will organically reflect the lightness, ease and grace of your mind. It’s a new way of life – one that’s governed by flow and least resistance. Sounds good doesn’t it? Book in and get ready to explore new feel-good frontiers.

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